Month Three Digest

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Funny money:

I had a lot of fun with this project. One the back I drew my picture of home: all my best friends and family members. I think it’s fascinating to see what art can do!



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Still not even close to being there, as we can see. It’s at least looking more like a nose! I knew this before making the portrait, but this process has thrown my lack of discipline and patience into sharp relief. I get easily frustrated when the process of making is slow and methodical. This is why my favorite projects were the little animals, my first approach to the chair, the blind contours, and the portrait of a word. Actually, my approach to the little animals project required methodical effort, but crafting little spirals and coffee filter feathers was much less frustrating and cerebral than this. Am I just lazy? Or is it just bad ADHD?

It’s really unfortunate that I can’t work on this when it’s dark out, because that’s when I am at my most productive.

The one upside of procrastinating online instead of working–finding inspiration:

Listening: My birthday mix (soon to be posted under the Listening tab).


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Where I am. Got some work to do before tomorrow!

When I was describing the state of my portrait to a friend, I said it looked like a storm, but that’s the way my sneezy nose is looking anyway… Her coworker suggested that I call it Pollen Season. Done and done.